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LikedIn The New Tool For Networking


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University of Arkansas Public Relations Student Society of America had Allison Nicholas, College Recruiter for Acxiom Corporation host LinkedIn Workshop on Nov. 5, 2015. Here are some great tips on using LinkedIn.

What ever is posted on social media should be kept at a professional standard.
LinkedIn is a professional networking platform.
Use a professional image for profile photo on Linkedin
Upload your resume in a summary
3 to 4 references
Skills & Endorsement
Constantly update your LinkedIn
Provide contact information
Groups on LinkedIn are very active
Put sample work on your LinkedIn
Put something on your resume that makes you stand out
Be on LinkedIn at least once a day12189989_1084624731568459_2963533815722039027_n

My LikedIn

What is LikedIn? I asked myself this question because I heard about it, but I really did not know what it was. LikedIn is a platform for professionals to get connected to each other. I did not realize how useful LikedIn could be to network. These are all great LikedIn beginner tips to become a great networking because I just got an LikedIn account and without these tips I would not know where to begin.  These are some of the tips that stood out to me as a future public relations professional.

It is important for everyone to be careful to keep all their social media at a professional standard.We do have freedom of speech, as PR professionals and any good employee we loose that once we work for an organization. Employers want people who be keeping a nice image on social media. As employee of an organization whatever we say on social media can connect back to the organization and make the organization look bad. Things to avoid from posting on social media are being opinionated about controversies, drinking and drugs, and sharing appropriated articles.

A resume is essential to all professionals. So, of course it needs to be on your LikedIn profile so employers can see it. Your full resume should not be on LikedIn because you want employers to just get an overview so when they do contact you they can get your full resume. Your official resume should have things that make you stand out from everyone else.

Showing your skills on LikedIn is another good key thing to have. You can show your skills on LikedIn by showing a sample of your work. A Sample of your work shows you have experience and the knowledge in that area. By showing a sample of your work on LikedIn you will get employers interested and they will contact you.

PRSSA held a very great LikedIn workshop because it was very beneficial for all future public relations professionals and for all future professionals. To Find out more about UCA PRSSA events, speakers, and workshops you can like them on Facebook.You can also gain more knowledge of LikedIn in this article that also gives some similar tips on being an excellent LikedIn user.

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