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UCA Homecoming 2015

UCA Homecoming 2015 story is seen is different media outlets.
Media Outlet Newspaper: The Echo

The target audience was more for UCA students and future UCA students. It targets UCA students because they are the main readers of The Echo newspaper, but it also target UCA students by featuring the homecoming story on one UCA student, Courtney Barrentine where mostly UCA students would be able to relate to. This news feature on homecoming is able to target future students by having the homecoming queen state why she thinks UCA is a great college. For example she says, “I picked UCA because of how at home I felt when visiting,” she said. “Faculty and even students were very welcoming and inviting.” As a PR director I would put this out as a news story because it captures peoples’ attention through emotion. This story of the homecoming queen gives UCA an image that UCA is a home. Students want to feel at home so this story is great example of a good PR image for UCA.

Media Outlet Television: KARK 4

This UCA Homecoming story focus more on UCA’S football stadium then on the actual homecoming game. The target audience for this story is future UCA students. This story target future UCA students by stating how UCA is so unique from all the colleges in the country because of its stadium. “The University of Central Arkansas has one of the most unique football fields in the country.” Future colleges students want to know what makes every college unique in order to choose to go there. The Athletic Director, Brad Teague, said  “Really when it boils down to it, it’s for student athletes, it’s for potential student athletes who may want to come and play at UCA.” This story is targeting potential UCA students. This story does a great job of making UCA sound unique and how in end it is all for the future students who attend UCA. I would think as a PR director this would help recruitment.

Media Outlet


It’s More Than information When a PR gives it


This is a PSA aimed towards teenagers who text and drive. It gives both sides to a tragic car incident; it gives the perspective from the person that is the victim and the person driving. What they could do to this PSA is add something personal. They could maybe interview a victim of a tragic car accident from texting and driving that way the PSA would move people’s emotions. By moving people’s emotions the PSQA could persuade the audience to stop texting and driving.

Blogging about Blogs

What aspects of each blog were interesting to you?

Why were these aspects interesting to you?

After reading the blogs, what did you learn about public relations writing in general that you did not already know?

The blogs I visited were:




The interesting aspects of dannybrown.me blog was the content and the design. I thought the author really made an effort to come out of the box by blogging about something people don’t usually blog about. All his blogs were about how there is more to life than social media. He emphasizes on how blogging should be pure blogging. Pure blogging is blogging about things that matter in people’s everyday life. The design he had for his each of his blogs were nice photos that grabbed my eye to read his blogs. After reading dannybrown.me I learned that in public relations writing when blogging we have to stand out we cannot write about the same things everyone else is writing about because how are we going to get readers attention to read our blog. It’s not hard to write about something different we just simply can write about life.

The aspect that interested me from spinsucks was that it was a platform for PR professionals and marketing he professionals. PR and marketing professionals can come together to share ideas and conversant after reading these blogs. The content of the blogs was very interesting and useful for the everyday lives of both the PR professionals and the marketing professionals.  I really liked the blog about “How executives exercise daily and how you can too” because it shows how content can be personal, and can be releasable. After reading this blog I learned that writing for public relations when blogging can be personal and relatable even for professionals.

The Flack blog was the most interesting blog because it gave a great insight on the job of PR that go unnoticed like politics and pop culture. The blog I liked was “Tinder Tacks Vanity Fair” it was very current and it shows how PR professionals can make huge mistakes in social media. One thing I learned in for writing in Public Relations after reading this blog is that we must be very careful to get our information correct before handing to a journalist because more than likely they will not fix it.

The blog that adheres to all the tips for success is dannybrown.me. Danny, the author does a really good job of being real he isn’t writing to promote a business or for any other reason than to write about life experiences that matter. Because Danny writes with so much authenticity he allows himself to like the book says write crap, take chances, focus on people, and he uses an active voice. Danny advices people to write outside the box and to be clear he repeats it throughout his blogs. He focus on people by writing about his personal experiences and he integrates social media into his stories to capture the reader’s attention. Danny’s content was very simple to read which is nice because I don’t have to Google words to find out their meaning. Danny is doing a great job at blogging I think I may even subscribe to his blogs.