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Applying What You Learned


In writing for public relations we had five major assignments where learned about writing then applied what we learned into the assignment given to us. Our professor made the assignments interesting by letting us use an organization we were part for the assignments.  I enjoyed being able to actually get to use these assignments for my organization. I am part several organizations which is great for this class because it adds variety to your work and it makes your work interesting. All of our five major assignments are very important because they are the main task public relations  professionals do daily.

Here are the major writing assignments we did in class:

Public relations professionals must do media kits which include: The Fact sheet/ media advisory/ media alert/and media pitch. These are all informative writing to the public. This assignment is pretty big and it was very overwhelming. I think what would have been best for the class when we turned this assignment in was instead of turning in it in all at once we should’ve broken this down into parts. For example, the fact sheet could’ve been done first and then we should’ve turned it in and then do the same for the rest of the parts of the media kit. I think would have been able to do everything better. It was a good experience of working under pressure for my future career as a public relations professional.

The News release provides information that will interest your audience. In my writing for public relations class we did several news releases which provided us with good practice on how to write an effective news release. New Releases are not that easy to write and this is where the AP style book is your best friend in order to have well written AP style press release.

The brochure

The brochure was a fun assignment for me mainly because I got to use one of the organizations I am in and feature two of my friends in the brochure. This assignment will be enjoyable if you like to design and be creative. For the brochure assignment make sure you have enough information from your organization and then be able to put it in a creative and brief format for your audience.

The diversity news release

This assignment was very interesting to me because  I am minority it feels good to see that minorities must be represented well in new releases or any professional writing. During this assignment I learned a lot of new things like how to refer to races, gender, and sexual orientation in AP format. I truly like that AP style book respects all people by having rules on how to refer to people properly without offending them in professional writing.


The E-newsletter assignment was not my favorite although I did write about one of the organization’s I was in I was lost on what exactly to write in the content section of the news release. We should’ve concentrated more on what exactly to write on the newsletter.


You Can’t Over Prepare

Here’s a cool meme I did for you guys!

As this Writing for Public Relations class comes to an end I wish I would’ve prepared more for this class. I didn’t have anyone to tell me what to prepare myself for. Luckily, I’ve made a list for you of the top 7 things you will need to prepare yourself for.

1. Deadlines are CRUCIAL

Deadlines are your top priority in this class unless there is an emergency with you or the professor deadlines will be moved other than that you have turn in everything at the set time. Be prepared for a big deduction or a zero on the assignment for being turned in late. Our professor emphasizes on the importance of deadlines on the real world by being hard on due times with our assignments.

2. Learn Fast

This course is full of material you need to learn and it is all cramped into a semester. This is a fast paced class it is not for slackers or those who do not plan on attending class. If you miss one day in this class you are officially behind and it will be hard to catch up. In this class we go over the material then apply what was taught on real-world assignments. For example one day in class we may learn about what a press release is the next day in class we are already preparing to make a press release to turn in the by the next class.

3.Be prepared for lots of work.

Writing for Public Relations has a lot of work you must get done. Our professor will assign you at least two assignments per week to turn in. You have to be able to balancing your the amount of time you will spend on each assignment in order to move on to the next assignment. Having an agenda can help you balance when to do what.

4. Grammar & Punctuation 

Your best friend will be your AP style book. The AP style book will help guide you on how to write correctly for this class. Revise your work a million times so it will be flawless.

5. Meet or Email your professor

If you need help do not hesitate to visit your professor during office hours.That is what they are there for. If you have any doubts about how to do something ask your professor to help you go through the assignment step by step. You can also email your professor to clarify things in an email .

6.Make your classmates your friends.

Make your classmates your friends. They will help you if you can’t reach your professor. I’ve had nights where I emailed a friend with a question about the class and they helped me. Sometimes you will forget you had an assignment or a quiz due, but when you have a friend in the class they will remind you of it.

7. Have Tech Skills

Be prepared to have some form of tech skills because most of what is done in this class is done online. You will be making brochures, newsletters, blogs, and several other things where you have to use an online platform to make these things. Being good with tech will help you work smoothly when doing these assignments.


PR Newbie Critiquing Media Press Kits, Advisories, and Fact Sheets

MEDIA ADVISORY : Day For Families At John Paul II Shrine In Anticipation Of Pope’s Visit

The Pope is coming September for The Meeting of Families and I’m going to see him, but before that there was a day in June for families to prepare themselves before Pope Francis comes. The best way to find all the important information about this is event is through a Media Advisory.

A Media Advisory should include the who, what, when, and where as well as the contact information. This advisory includes all of that. It is missing to list out the WHO, but it does state who is visiting The Meeting of Families which is Pope Francis. This media advisory is one page. All of the points are answered with brevity, there was no jargon, and good explanations on the what and why. If I was a journalist looking at this media advisory I would read it because it was well organized and it explains very well what and why this event is being held

The improvements I would suggest for this Media advisory would be to put the WHY before the THE SCHEDULE of the event that way the journalist would know why the event is happening the schedule.

Fact sheet: 2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet

We all have dream about luxury cars well most of us. This is my dream luxury car. What better way to find about all its great features than with a fact sheet. This Fact sheet has all those questions one may ask themselves before buying a car such as what kind of  engine it has, the mileage, top speed and all those defining questions for buying a car. It a very simple and neat fact sheet.

This fact sheet answers all my questions about this car except if I wanted to buy this car I would want Audi’s information. The contact information should be included at the bottom of the fact sheet.

Media Press Release Kit: Coming Together

This is a media press release for Coca- Cola.  Coming Together is basically a plan for Coca – Cola to come together with other organizations to prevent obesity. This media press did not give enough information about their plan on Coming Together. They also are not updating very frequently. Last time it was updated was in May 2013.

The only thing I did see that was good were the press releases. They were in reverse chronological order ad they were updated.