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Applying What You Learned


In writing for public relations we had five major assignments where learned about writing then applied what we learned into the assignment given to us. Our professor made the assignments interesting by letting us use an organization we were part for the assignments.  I enjoyed being able to actually get to use these assignments for my organization. I am part several organizations which is great for this class because it adds variety to your work and it makes your work interesting. All of our five major assignments are very important because they are the main task public relations  professionals do daily.

Here are the major writing assignments we did in class:

Public relations professionals must do media kits which include: The Fact sheet/ media advisory/ media alert/and media pitch. These are all informative writing to the public. This assignment is pretty big and it was very overwhelming. I think what would have been best for the class when we turned this assignment in was instead of turning in it in all at once we should’ve broken this down into parts. For example, the fact sheet could’ve been done first and then we should’ve turned it in and then do the same for the rest of the parts of the media kit. I think would have been able to do everything better. It was a good experience of working under pressure for my future career as a public relations professional.

The News release provides information that will interest your audience. In my writing for public relations class we did several news releases which provided us with good practice on how to write an effective news release. New Releases are not that easy to write and this is where the AP style book is your best friend in order to have well written AP style press release.

The brochure

The brochure was a fun assignment for me mainly because I got to use one of the organizations I am in and feature two of my friends in the brochure. This assignment will be enjoyable if you like to design and be creative. For the brochure assignment make sure you have enough information from your organization and then be able to put it in a creative and brief format for your audience.

The diversity news release

This assignment was very interesting to me because  I am minority it feels good to see that minorities must be represented well in new releases or any professional writing. During this assignment I learned a lot of new things like how to refer to races, gender, and sexual orientation in AP format. I truly like that AP style book respects all people by having rules on how to refer to people properly without offending them in professional writing.


The E-newsletter assignment was not my favorite although I did write about one of the organization’s I was in I was lost on what exactly to write in the content section of the news release. We should’ve concentrated more on what exactly to write on the newsletter.


#ItsJustACup Vs #MerryChristmasStarbucks

On November 5, 2015 Joshua Feuerstein an evangelist accused Starbucks of removing Christmas off their cups on a Facebook video he posted. Starbucks recently came out with their new holiday cups. Starbucks removed their usual holiday decor. Starbucks has changed the cup into a simpler cup that changes from red to ambre.

red cup

Facebook Red Cup

“Do you realize that Starbucks wanted to take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups?” Feuerstein asked. “That’s why they’re just plain red.” said, Feuerstein.


His Facebook video has hit over 16,000 views. Feuerstein has started the #MerryChristmasStarbucks trend. While others have responded with the #ItsJustACup. Starbucks red cup is all over social media.

On the #MerryChristmasStarbucks “Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, has suggested that a boycott against the company (USA Today. Durando and Jansen, 2015).”

Many people on the side of #ItsJustACup have responded with comments like there are other more important things to be concerned about than a cup. Many Christians do not feel offended. Several funny memes about #ItsJustACup have been made.


Through all this red cup controversy Starbucks has gained so much publicity without even trying. “If you believe Google, there are now 9.2 million news stories on the “Starbucks red cup controversy.” That’s a lot of free publicity (cnbc. Macias, 2015).” This red cup could’ve been an idea for Public Relations to stir the public up to get publicity, but it was not. According to Macias from CNBC,

“In the world of PR, I tell potential clients there is always a PR machine behind the biggest publicity campaigns that get into our subconscious. However, in this situation, I seriously doubt Starbucks had the vision, conviction or courage to take on Christmas. I suspect no one in corporate saw this coming. I doubt the red-cup controversy was born in a PR room. So what should Starbucks do now that the world is on fire over a red cup? Absolutely nothing.”

End the Starbucks gets a lot of FREE publicity whether you were on the #MerryChristmasStarbucks side or on the #ItsJustACup side.

UCA Homecoming 2015

UCA Homecoming 2015 story is seen is different media outlets.
Media Outlet Newspaper: The Echo

The target audience was more for UCA students and future UCA students. It targets UCA students because they are the main readers of The Echo newspaper, but it also target UCA students by featuring the homecoming story on one UCA student, Courtney Barrentine where mostly UCA students would be able to relate to. This news feature on homecoming is able to target future students by having the homecoming queen state why she thinks UCA is a great college. For example she says, “I picked UCA because of how at home I felt when visiting,” she said. “Faculty and even students were very welcoming and inviting.” As a PR director I would put this out as a news story because it captures peoples’ attention through emotion. This story of the homecoming queen gives UCA an image that UCA is a home. Students want to feel at home so this story is great example of a good PR image for UCA.

Media Outlet Television: KARK 4

This UCA Homecoming story focus more on UCA’S football stadium then on the actual homecoming game. The target audience for this story is future UCA students. This story target future UCA students by stating how UCA is so unique from all the colleges in the country because of its stadium. “The University of Central Arkansas has one of the most unique football fields in the country.” Future colleges students want to know what makes every college unique in order to choose to go there. The Athletic Director, Brad Teague, said  “Really when it boils down to it, it’s for student athletes, it’s for potential student athletes who may want to come and play at UCA.” This story is targeting potential UCA students. This story does a great job of making UCA sound unique and how in end it is all for the future students who attend UCA. I would think as a PR director this would help recruitment.

Media Outlet