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Saving the World’s Communication

The University of Central Arkansas Communication Department hosted their 3rd annual Communication Week on October 12-15, 2015. The theme for the week was “Communication is My Superpower”. Monday at noon was the launching day of the communication week with a super hero themed photo booth along with a super hero costume contest.

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Many students and faculty came out to take pictures in the super hero themed photo booth. Students who dressed as communication superheroes were judged to choose a winner of the contest. The winner of the communication super hero costume contest was Wonder Woman. It was a fun experience seeing Mario and Lugi, Rubix Cube, Red Ninja Dragon, and Wonder Woman all together trying to save UCA student’s communication.

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I enjoyed seeing all Communication professors participate in the event by dressing up as heroes themselves. Professors attracted students with their costumes and the professors took the opportunity to tell of them about the majors the Communication department has to offer.


Two of the main majors that the communication department was informing students was Communication and Public Relations. These majors can sometimes get overlooked and many people are misinformed. So, this event was a good event to attract freshman and undecided students so they could learn more about these majors and hopefully decide to major in them.

For more information you can visit UCA Communication Week