PR Newbie Critiquing Media Press Kits, Advisories, and Fact Sheets

MEDIA ADVISORY : Day For Families At John Paul II Shrine In Anticipation Of Pope’s Visit

The Pope is coming September for The Meeting of Families and I’m going to see him, but before that there was a day in June for families to prepare themselves before Pope Francis comes. The best way to find all the important information about this is event is through a Media Advisory.

A Media Advisory should include the who, what, when, and where as well as the contact information. This advisory includes all of that. It is missing to list out the WHO, but it does state who is visiting The Meeting of Families which is Pope Francis. This media advisory is one page. All of the points are answered with brevity, there was no jargon, and good explanations on the what and why. If I was a journalist looking at this media advisory I would read it because it was well organized and it explains very well what and why this event is being held

The improvements I would suggest for this Media advisory would be to put the WHY before the THE SCHEDULE of the event that way the journalist would know why the event is happening the schedule.

Fact sheet: 2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet

We all have dream about luxury cars well most of us. This is my dream luxury car. What better way to find about all its great features than with a fact sheet. This Fact sheet has all those questions one may ask themselves before buying a car such as what kind of  engine it has, the mileage, top speed and all those defining questions for buying a car. It a very simple and neat fact sheet.

This fact sheet answers all my questions about this car except if I wanted to buy this car I would want Audi’s information. The contact information should be included at the bottom of the fact sheet.

Media Press Release Kit: Coming Together

This is a media press release for Coca- Cola.  Coming Together is basically a plan for Coca – Cola to come together with other organizations to prevent obesity. This media press did not give enough information about their plan on Coming Together. They also are not updating very frequently. Last time it was updated was in May 2013.

The only thing I did see that was good were the press releases. They were in reverse chronological order ad they were updated.


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